Full-Time Maintenance Technician

Property :

The Willows

Date Posted : 02/14/2020

Email : thewillows@mgmmgmt.net

Phone : 76-533-1883

Purpose and Scope:

MGM Property Management, LLC has an excellent reputation for providing quality, well maintained housing. In joining our team, you have accepted the responsibility of representing our apartment community and MGM Property Management, LLC.

Qualifications, but not limited to:

  1. Ensuring timely and organized apartment turnovers is of the highest priority.
  2. Have a current Minnesota driver’s license.
  3. Have a current licensed and operable vehicle or truck available for your use during all working hours.
  4. Have and maintain valid current insurance on the vehicle you will be driving (copy to be furnished to MGM Property Management).
  5. Industry licenses preferred, on the job training and education available.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. The #1 responsibility of any MGM Property Management, LLC employee is “Anything Deemed Necessary”.
  2. What this means is simple. No matter what your normal job description states, you might be asked to pick up trash, pull weeds, water flowers, etc. It means whatever your Supervisor deems important at that time, you will “cheerfully and willingly do”. When staff functions as a team unit, we all need to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand.
  3. Maintain high standards when dealing with residents. Good public relations skills and a positive attitude are a daily must.
  4. Be aware of and comply with all Fair Housing Laws – Federal, State and local.
  5. Work together as a “TEAM” player along with all staff members at your community.
  6. Maintain apartments to the operating standards established and reviewed with you by your Community Manager and/or Portfolio Manager.
  7. Help, as necessary or requested, to maintain the grounds to keep them looking their best at all times.
  8. Service and maintain all boiler rooms and their respective equipment. Maintain clean and orderly boiler rooms, storerooms and maintenance workshops.
  9. Trouble-shoot all appliances and repair, if possible. Let the Community Manager know if there is a problem you cannot fix and what you feel the problem and/or the solution might be.
  10. Heating needs to include replacement of zone valves, motors, stems, thermostats, fin pipes, and heat register repair/replacement.
  11. Plumbing needs to include garbage disposals, faucets, washers, stems, seats, waste lines, shut-off replacement, copper pipe repair and replacement, etc.
  12. Electrical needs to include outlets, switches, lights and fixtures.
  13. Carpentry needs to include installation of doors, jambs, thresholds, locks, back sets, strikes and trim of doors, when necessary. Garage door panel repair and/or replacement of all hardware associated with the door and garage itself.
  14. Fence repair or replacement, siding, windows and playground equipment.
  15. Major carpentry work to be discussed with the Community Manager.
  16. Repair or replacement of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, closet doors, shelves, bathroom vanities, handles, etc.
  17. Grout or caulking of bath tiles, wallboard repair and/or replacement where needed, and installation of new tiles.

Time Keeping/Hours:

  1. Rotating on-call schedule for weekends and holidays.

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